The War Of Bands

War of Bands


“I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend. ” – Freddie Mercury

And History tell the name of the Legend – Freddie Mercury. For all those rock star who aspire to greatness and want to make the crowd rock to your music, Audacity ’17 invites you from all over the country to show you madness and spread the rock magic on stage. The crowd will be waiting in anticipation with their rock-fist high in the air. So all the rock bands all over the country, come to make the people of City of Lakes head bang to your music!!



  • A team can have minimum of 3 members and maximum 8 members (at least 2 musicians). A member cannot be a part of multiple bands.
  • Competition is open for college students as well as professionals
  • Language and genre no bar, no cap on number of songs performed
  • A member of one band cannot be a part of other participating bands
  • Bands will get 8+12 minutes (set-up + performance time)
  • Exceeding time limits will be penalized
  • Any changes in the on-stage time duration will be informed in advance
  • Bands should bring their own instruments, pedals, processors (mics and other electrical connections will be provided)
  • A 5 piece drum-kit and a keyboard will be provided (bring additional cymbals as per your requirement)
  • Use of vocal processors or any programmed loops is prohibited
  • Obscene content is prohibited
  • The decision of the judges would be final and binding (same applies in case of on-stage technical glitches, if any)
  • There will be 1 performance per team, based on which winner will be decided

Judging Criteria: Crowd interaction, creativity, skills and synchronization on instruments, performance with originality of music, variety of instruments stand better chance.


Registration Fee: Rs. 500/- per team

Prizes Worth up to be Won: Rs. 32,000/-

More Information

All information above pertains to Audacity 2018. This could change next year. 🙂