The Quiz Of The Year



“Wine is the answer, …what was the question?” .

We all have seen quiz competitions being in held in big and magnificent sets. But imagine a fun-filled quiz being held in a pub-like setting where the youngsters fight it out to prove their mettle at GK as well as trivia about the city, country, film industry, ad-campaigns of leading companies and various other fascinating topics, amid colorful liquor bottles, mock tails and beautiful wine glasses.



Team Size: 3

Total number of rounds: 5

Round 1: The first round will be an elimination round to select top 6 teams.

Round 2-5: Next 4 rounds will be held for the selected 6 teams.

*Rules are subject to change


Registration Fee: Rs…………

Prizes Worth up to be Won: Rs………….

More Information

All information above pertains to Audacity 2018. This could change next year. 🙂