Best Out of Waste

“Creativity is a wild mind & a disciplined eye” – Dorothy Parker

In a “Best out of waste” competition, participants are provided some waste materials and they will have to make something out of it by recycling, on a given theme.


  • One team will consists of 2 persons
  • More than one team from one college is permitted
  • Each team will be given some materials out of which they will make the piece
  • No other materials are allowed
  • Participants should finish their work within 60 minutes
  • Basic necessities like glue, cello-tape and scissors will be provided on the spot
  • Judges decision will be the final decision

Judging Criteria: Creativity, Finishing, Visual Impact, Clarity of depiction of the theme


Registration Fee: Rs. 100/- per team

Prizes Worth up to be Won: Rs. 4,500/-

More Information

All information above pertains to Audacity 2017. This could change next year. 🙂


  Fun Illustrations

“Every child is an artist”

In this competition participants will have to create illustration on paper (it can be painting/sketching) with the help of the object provided to them. Participants will have to use the object as the central theme of illustration. The object used will be most ordinary and simple. The event is designed in a way where participants are allowed to depict the everyday objects creatively and differently.


  • One team will consist of maximum two members
  • Each team will be provided with two objects. The team has to select any one of them for sketching/painting.
  • Each team will be provided drawing and painting material. No other external materials are allowed.
  • Participants should finish their work within 60 minutes
  • The participant can submit only one entry
  • The art piece should be original
  • Each entry should mention the name of participant(s), contact number and title of the painting at the back of the paper.

Judging criteria:Creativity, Visual impact

Registration Last Date: 20th Jan.,2017

Registration Fee: 50/- per head

Prizes to be won worth : Rs. 4,500/-

Point of Contact: Joydeep Sil +91-8013286509


“Colors are the smiles of nature”– Leigh Hunt

Students, Faculty members, staff and Professional artists will display their art pieces in the space provided. The exhibition will be open for both days of Audacity.

Note: Final figure of the number of art pieces will be available after collecting response from the institute, after collecting the responses by floating interest form.

Point of Contact:

Priyanka K +91-8233303331