The Quest for Love

Duet Dance Competition

  “The Quest for Love”

          Theme: Love or Compassion

For some dance is an art, for some it is passion…but for us at Audacity dance is an outpour of emotions. So                    come and mesmerize the audience by expressing the feeling of ‘compassion’ and/or your special bond of love!


  • Each team should have 2 members (girl-girl, girl-boy, boy-boy)
  • The event will consist of 2 rounds
  • Dances based on the theme will get extra points
  • First Round (Elimination)
    – Participating teams are free to perform any dance form in the first round
    –  The duration of the performance should range from 3 to 5 minutes
  • Second Round
    – Teams have to showcase what they understand by ‘love and compassion’
    – The duration of the performance should range from 3 to 5 minutes
  • Teams exceeding time limit will be penalized
  • Teams are requested to bring their soundtrack in easily transferable media such as pen-drives. They are also suggested to keep a copy of their soundtrack in their email ids as a precaution in case the media does not work properly. A copy of the same must be sent to us 5 days prior to the fest.
  • Use of fire (including diyas, candles or lighters), sharp objects and water is not allowed
  • The teams may bring along people to manage sound and light. Audacity organizers will not be managing change of light and sound during the performance.

Judging Criteria: Concept, choreography, co-ordination, costumes, overall performance


       Registration Fee: Rs. 100/- per team
Register for the events here AUDACITY’18 REGISTRATION FORM

Prizes Worth: Rs. 11,000/-

More Information

All information above pertains to Audacity 2017. This could change next year. 🙂

       For further queries please contact Reema( +91 8724829463) Asifa(+91 90489 94255)