Close Up Dance

Dance Competition

  Close Up Dance

The magic works as long as you have contact with the magic wand. But here, she is your wand and you are her’s! The moment you lose contact, the judges resume to power. Taking the challenge needs a partner, but winning it needs nerves! Do you have it in you to be the best?


  • Teams will have 2 members – one male and one female
  • The time limit for the event will be 3 mins
  • Both the participants will have to keep in touch with each other at all times during the dance

Judging Criteria: Concept, choreography, co-ordination, formation, costumes, overall performance, and special points for incorporating “Magic” in concept.


Prizes Worth: Rs. 13,000/-

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All information above pertains to Audacity 2017. This could change next year. 🙂