The Ultimate Love Game

Anjaana-Anjaani : The Magic of Love


“Call it magic, call it true
I call it magic when I’m with you”

-Magic by ColdPlay


A boy told Atticus Finch (from novel To Kill a Mocking Bird): “I don’t believe in Magic”. Atticus smiled and said:“You will when you see her”. 

Anjaana-Anjaani is Audacity’s one of the most enthralling and  unique event where participants go on a blind date to revel in the mystery of unknown and chance fate to incept a new lesson in the alchemy of love. So, get rid of your reluctance and come join in thrilling game where you may find the magic of love.


Registration Fee: Rs. 100/- per head

Prizes Worth up to be Won: Rs. 5,000/-

More Information

All information above pertains to Audacity 2018. This could change next year. 🙂